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Family is without question Myrna's #1 priority. A devoted wife, mother of three.....& yes, I agree...impossible to believe, but a grandmother as well!

She has struck a successful balance in life by not only being the centerpiece of a loving family, but also to fashion a diverse career which has been equally successful. Enjoying a high level sales career throughout various levels and with many different markets, her first career breakthrough came through at the tender age of 20 when she not only was responsible for the design of her first home but also integrally involved in the actual build-out as well! She was so gifted in this area that she founded her own construction company!
Subsequent to this successful venture, Myrna became part owner of RGV Petrochemical out of McAllen, international chemical company supplier to distributors worldwide. In addition to this, Myrna also owns yet another company -RGV Home Solutions - & specializes in the construction of homes for resale.

If all of this is not enough to occupy her time, Myrna also has an advertising agency and has some globally recognized companies as clients. Not only does she operate in an ownership capacity, but is the corporate spokesperson for her clients and a very sought out spokesperson because of her on camera persona, in addition to her articulate bilingual talents. She has parlayed her ever increasing notoriety to be a highly featured professional model as well, which also includes numerous acting roles as well!
More than anything else, I admire Myrna's priorities in first & SUCH a remarkable career to fully complement a balanced life! Her two-fold personal mantra is simple yet speaks volumes about the type of special person she is - "Phil, I merely hope to be able to show the world what I have in my heart & to share my blessings, & that the fear of failure is not in my vocabulary!" I think she has already proven this in my personal estimation, & has touched so many people in very personal ways via her remarkable professional life! I guarantee that Myrna has SO much more yet to offer the world...beyond the state of Texas!!

Facebook Pages: Myrna R Primeaux , MP Primeaux and Myrnar Primeaux and my FB page, Myrna Primeaux RGV Talent


A photo montage of Myrna I think is the only way to aptly justify her exceedingly rapid upward trend in the eyes not only in the thousands of great Texans who immensely admire her, but also her expanding following, which is extending far beyond the Texas borders....North, South, East & West. She possesses the proverbial "Midas Touch," & I'm not speaking strictly about her various highly successful entrepreneurial ventures - but how she "touches" people's lives in a myriad of ways as well! And THIS is what makes her so appealing and speaks directly to her own unique "law of attraction!" Below is a diverse listing of contact/social media avenues in which to follow and/or connect with Myrna. I've had numerous people contact me in order to reach her, & would be happy to comply as well. Sorry folks, I will not divulge her cell, though, for obvious reasons. Twitter: @mandp69 (soon to be changed, though) Instagram: myrnaprimeaux Google + Myrna Primeaux YouTube: Myrna Primeaux Primeaux's Media Agency & Consulting Services rmyrna@rocket.mail ,